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5 Surprising Hot Tub Health Benefits


5 Ways Your Hot Tub Is Good For Your Health

Many people think of hot tubs as luxury items, and indeed, they still function somewhat as a status symbol. Everyone wants to have a friend with a Jacuzzi, somewhere that people can gather and relax while having a good time. Unknown to most people, however, the hot tub is not merely a relaxation tool or conversation piece, as it has lots of hidden benefits for the general health of the average person.

Whether you’re experiencing stress or insomnia, headaches or muscle pain, regular soaks in a hot tub can be good for your health. As long as you pay attention to time and temperature restrictions, your hot tub can provide you with a number of side-effect-free benefits.

1.Stress Relief

It is public knowledge that taking time to detach yourself from the rest of the world and just soak in a hot tub is a relaxing thing to do on its own. However, you just might not know how much this period of soaking in your Jacuzzi can significantly and positively affect your general health. It is so good that it relieves your body of any existing stress.

Hydrotherapy has the capability to bring a tired and weak body back to its normal state by relaxing tight muscles and allowing the body to rest and repair itself. This means that if you take a bath in your hot tub regularly, you are effectively relieving your body of stress that might have otherwise been detrimental to the state of the body.

Studies have also shown that in addition to the effects of soaking in a hot tub being so beneficial, these sessions can also help with mental and physical stress which helps decrease anxiety and the long-term health risks associated with it.

2. Helps Subdue Muscle and Joint Pain

Relaxing in a hot tub also has the potential to significantly reduce pains individuals might be experiencing in their muscles and joints. That’s good news for runners, ball players, and wrestlers. In fact, there are many athletes who are well aware of this information and use this method to help reduce the pains they feel immediately after their rigorous training sessions.

Hot tubs soothe pain because the heat from the water dilates the blood vessels, which in turn helps increase blood flow to the areas in which you’re experiencing pain. The Jacuzzi has been proven to have the potential to adequately reduce use of painkilling medications by relieving this pain without the need for pharmaceuticals. However, keep in mind that the hot tub is only capable of soothing minor muscle aches and joint pains, and more serious injuries require immediate medical attention.

3. Migraine Prevention

Regular sessions in your hot tub may help prevent of some types of headaches such as migraines and tension headaches. The soothing effect on headaches works as a combination of the previously mentioned benefits. The main healing tool is the relaxation the hot tub guarantees, but if your migraines are triggered by sinus pressure, the heat and steam can help loosen congestion to promote better breathing and prevent further pain.

Additionally, you can use your time soaking in the tub to try some other strategies to increase your well-being and mental health. Sitting quietly and relaxed in hot water is a great time to pursue meditation, and provided you avoid any scent triggers, aromatherapy pairs well with hydrotherapy. Migraine treatment is rarely simple, but the regular use of a hot tub can be one tool that might alleviate pain.

4. Helps You Sleep Well

Most people will experience insomnia at some point in their lives, and it’s simply not healthy or practical to take pharmaceutical sleep aids every night. Luckily, there are some non-chemical ways to promote sleep. One contributing factor to insomnia is that the average person’s sleeping pattern can experience some irregularities if their body is cold, but if their body is warm and comfortable, they tend to have a more regular and normal sleeping pattern.

All this tells us is that if you engage yourself in a spa session before going to bed, you just might have one of the best nights of sleep you’ve ever had. The home spa could also be useful for when you are having difficulties sleeping. Researchers on this benefit of the hot tub recommend spending some time in a warm bath right before going to bed, in order to witness the wonderful effects hot tubs have on sleep and how they can help relieve insomnia and other sleep disorders.

5. Improves and Nourishes the Skin

Studies on the numerous benefits of hot tubs have proven that soaking in Jacuzzi or going to the nearby spa might help you to achieve or maintain that perfect and glowing skin. As you lay in the hot tub, the warm water engulfing your body improves blood circulation. This, in turn, ensures that the blood is providing the muscles and skin with oxygen as well as the important nutrients needed to have that glow, and look the way you deserve to.

Additionally, soaking in warm water can clean the skin of bacteria and dead skin cells. In doing so, it can help prevent certain diseases of the skin. Even perspiration from the ambient heat can help clear pores. As long as you remember to keep hydrated and don’t stay in the water for too long, regular hot tub soaks can do wonders for your skin.

When next you go for a dip in your hot tub, as you lay there in the warm water, remember these facts and think of all the numerous benefits you are experiencing from your hydrotherapy session and feel the ultimate relaxation. These new facts you have just discovered can also help you convince that relative or friend of yours to finally get a hot tub.