Escape™ Spas

Escape Spas in Phoenix from Arizona Spa Techology

Escape Spas in Phoenix from Cal Spa

Get ready to escape into your new Escape Spa!

As your premiere Cal Escape Spa dealer in Pheonix, we’re proud to offer this jet-centric line of spa tubs. The Escape series comes with some exclusive features that make them ideal for stress relief and therapeutic usage. These models all support 5 to 6 people while maintaining a small footprint. Get the escape you’ve been dreaming of. The perfect spa has arrived!

Spa Model Seats Jets Shape Spa Model Seats Jets Shape
Pacifica EC-735L 6 35 Square Pacifica EP-761L 6 61 Square
Tropical EC-735B 6 35 Square Tropical EP-761B 6 61 Square
Atlantic EC-835L 6 35 Square Atlantic EP-861L 6 61 Square
Bel Air EC-835B 6 35 Square Bel Air EP-861B 6 61 Square
Pacifica EC-751L 6 51 Square Malibu EP-760DL 5 60 Square
Tropical EC-751B 6 51 Square Windsor EP-860L 6 60 Square
Atlantic EC-851L 6 51 Square Avalon EP-864L 6 64 square
Bel Air EC-851B 6 51 Square Cancun EP-864B 6 64 Square
Malibu EC-754DL 5 54 Square

Additional Escape Spa Features Include:

  • Strong and light construction using exclusive Fibersteel.
  • Filtration from Bio-Clean with exclusive TeleWeir Gate
  • Consistent heaitng using a high-grade Titanium Heater

  • Faster heating with our advanced Thermo-Shield Insulation
  • Purification using the Pure Silk Ozonator
  • LED lighting and intuitive feather touch controls