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Fun and Safe Tips for Enjoying Home Spas in Phoenix


Safety makes for more relaxing evenings when using Spas in Phoenix

You know the old motto- “safety first”. Yes, it can seem like a bit of a buzzkill to hear, but it’s important nonetheless. Providing food, drink, and amenities might make you a fun host, but looking out for your guests’ well-being makes you a great one. Here at Arizona Spa Technology, we understand that very well. Whether it’s inspecting and testing reconditioned hot tubs before sale or making sure that your setup is working properly, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few tips for you before your next party using your spa in Phoenix.

Preventing falls around the tub

Did you know that it’s not uncommon for people to slip and fall getting out of the spa? Your feet are wet, you might be a little overly relaxed, and maybe not watching where you step. You don’t want to hurt yourself, and you definitely don’t want to be on the hook for someone else’s injury. Try the following tips to prevent accidents.

  • Stairs: Wet wood or plastic stairs can become incredibly slick. There are two easy fixes for this. The first is putting down non-skid material on top of each step. Common options include roofing paper (really) or adhesive-backed sander paper. The second solution is to put up handrails on both sides of every stair set that you have positioned around the hot tub. This gives users a way to better support themselves and maintain balance.
  • Lighting: Yes, it’s fun to enjoy the hot tub when it’s dark out. Perhaps you only use the lights on the bottom of the tub itself or add some hanging Christmas-style twinklers up above. Anyone using your hot tub has to be able to see their way around when they get out. You can still maintain the mood if you set up down-facing lanterns that are aimed away from the tub and down towards the patio.
  • Non-skid surfaces: The easiest way to create a non-skid surface is to set down mats. This can be anything from a welcome mat like you see at a home entrance or a specialty product for aquatic centers. A permanent and attractive solution is to use a textured deck coating. It resembles paint but dries to a very hard consistency and is textured to keep wet feet from slipping.

Cocktails or mocktails?

Sometimes we all need a good reminder, so here it is. Alcohol and the water do not mix. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a boat, swimming in the pool or relaxing in a hot tub. When you drink alcohol your coordination and judgment ability suffer. This can lead to falling or taking unnecessary risks. The danger is intensified when you’re sitting in a hot tub. Since both alcohol and heat expand your blood vessels, engaging in both at the same time can lead to severe dehydration, heat exhaustion and collapsing.

On the other end of the coin, it is really, really fun to mix up some drinks for your friends. It improves the mood and adds a festive air to your gathering. What can you do to keep the mood loose and happy without liquor? the answer is in the mocktail, of course.

Tropical drinks

If you’re trying for an easygoing vibe, tropical drinks are the solution. You know the old standbys: mai tais, blue Hawaii, pina colada, and more. The signature flavor of these drinks is sweet, usually from a fruit juice found in warmer regions. They’re usually very colorful and have real fruit garnishes.

For a rich treat, begin with coconut milk. You can mix it in with some dairy and whip them together until you get a bit of a froth going. Then, yes, put the lime in the coconut. Sliced lime twists on the rim or in the glass itself add a tart quality that contrasts with the sweet coconut. Add a shot of Sprite or another lemon-lime soda for a fizzy texture.

If you want something as bold as a lava flow, start with pineapple juice, then mix in several drops of your favorite hot sauce. Tabasco if you’re feeling mild, or something made from habaneros if you want to go wild. Garnish with chili flakes on top for added heat. You can mix this one up by replacing the pineapple juice with POG, a Hawaiian blend of passionfruit, orange, and guava, if you can find it in your local store.

Smoother mocktails

If fruity isn’t your thing, give these drinks a try. They’ve got mellower bases and can satisfy a diverse range of tastes. The flavors run from sweet to savory and anything in between.

The Virgin Mary is an easy twist on the Bloody Mary. Just take a glass of V8, mix it with a healthy amount of Tabasco and then garnish with a celery stick. If you’re not a fan of V8 you can switch that out for regular tomato juice or Clamato.

Moscow Mules are all the rage thanks to their blend of spicy and tart flavors. You can make one without the vodka by simply mixing a bit of lime juice into your ginger beer. Don’t forget to serve it in a copper mug, though. Enjoying it in anything else would be like getting a mint julep at the Kentucky Derby but not drinking it out of a silver cup.

Consult a professional hot tub expert

Before you even get started with your first hot tub session, you need to make sure that you’ve got everything hooked up right. A professional installer can review your current setup. There are any number of issues that might pop up, well beyond the scope of this post. Asking someone with technical expertise can make the difference between a fun party and an unsafe one. Here at Arizona Spa Tech, we’re experts at installation, repair, sales, and even design. If you want to make sure that your next party is safe, fun and unforgettable, have us help you select and buy or repair your hot tub. Our team has years and years of experience and is ready to assist you today.