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Hot Tub Service Phoenix
A hot tub or spa is an investment. It’s an investment in your health, happiness, and property value. Keeping it in like new shape is much more economical than waiting until it needs repairs. Smart tub owners know that with a regular hot tub service, Phoenix tubs can last a very long time. At Arizona Spa Technology we’re more than just a hot tub store, we’re your source for complete hot tub servicing.

Treat your hot tub right!

There are a number of different services that can keep your tub in shape. Two of the most common are water care, and hot tub maintenance. When combined these can keep your tub safe, effective, and fully functional.

  • Water Care – We offer several customizable packages for water care and hot tub cleaning. This is a leading hot tub service Phoenix tubbers rely on for quality water. We’ll perform a drain and fill, balance your water, clean your filter, check chemical balances, clean and condition your cover, and more. These services ensure your tub remains clean and healthy before, during, and after your use.
  • Maintenance – Additional maintenance services like diagnostic checks and parts inspections can catch problems early. We integrate these into cohesive plans that include maintenance checks as well as water care. When we find any areas of concern we’ll perform necessary diagnostics, and let you know what needs repairs. This keeps multiple areas from being affected by a single problem, and keeps your tub working better, longer..

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It’s never too late to start taking regular care of your hot tub. With a hot tub service, Phoenix residents get regularly scheduled services designed to increase the benefits they get from their tub. Water cleaning, maintenance services, balancing and more all contribute to a long tub lifespan and a healthy experience. Contact us today.

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