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Exceptional New and Used Hot Tubs in Gilbert, Arizona

Gilbert hot tub owners will advise you to be discerning when it comes to shopping for a new tub. If you’ve never owned one, it can be surprising, and even overwhelming, to learn of the countless options available these days. From customizable seating and jets to high-efficiency heating units and insulation.

Regardless of all the options in terms of price and features, Arizona Spa Technology’s knowledgeable representatives and technicians support you in finding one that suits you best. We carry a selection of Cal Spas™ hot tubs including the patio, swim spa, and in-ground spa series.

At Arizona Spa Technology, we carry new hot tubs as well as cleaned, inspected, and freshly serviced used hot tubs. We also have models for every budget.

Our wide service area allows us to deliver hot tubs to Gilbert┬áresidences when other Gilbert spa companies can’t.


Our spas feature precision engineering so your hot tub is not only comforable, but ergonomically ideal.


Our Hot Tub Showroom Lets You See and Feel Your New Tub Before Taking it Home

We have some of the best prices on hot tub brands and models that include everything from swim spas to cozy two-person tubs. Whether you want to entertain, relax, or exercise, we have something for you.

Starting your search is easy. Some of the primary considerations our tubbing experts can help you with include:

  • Sizing – Our outdoor spas support as many as 7+ people. Get the right size for your needs.
  • Functionality – We have models that support hydrotherapy and even stationary swimming!
  • Styling – From the enclosure to the accents and materials, we can customize your tub your way.
  • Considerations – Get easier entry and exiting with our in-ground and sub-floor tub styles!


What’s a hydrotherapy spa?

Our hydrotherapeutic hot tubs offer an entirely new way to achieve wellness.

Recent advances have improved therapeutic benefits making them ideal for pain relief, balance improvement, and muscle strengthening. Hydrotherapy is extremely effective at relieving pain from muscular injuries, arthritis, and even mobilizing stiff joints.

It’s also been shown to aid blood circulation and reduce blood pressure. For busy parents and professionals, hydrotherapy can help with stress relief, headaches, and insomnia. And for people who find weight-bearing exercise painful or difficult, warm water immersion can offer wonderful benefits.


What is a reconditioned hot tub?

Our reconditioned, pre-owned, used, or refurbished, hot tubs have been cleaned, repaired and tested to ensure functionality. We do not sell damaged or faulty hot tubs and our spa technicians are extremely thorough when it comes to testing the ones we do sell.

Avoid the unknowns of buying a used hot tub from a private owner. We offer great deals on all of our pre-owned tubs. Each one is inspected, cleaned, tested, and repaired to ensure you’re getting the best refurbished hot tub possible. Stop by our showroom to see for yourself!

Here’s how we recondition used hot tubs:

  • Perform a full inspection
  • Test with water to make sure there are no leaks or broken jets
  • Test plumbing to make sure water flow is efficient and pipes are in good condition
  • Inspect, test, and service pumps to ensure the unit works like new
  • Inspect motor and correct any electrical or structural defects


When Gilbert, Arizona residents want a feature-rich and affordable hot tub, they shop locally at Arizona Spa Technology. We guide you through the process from start to finish.



Contact us and get a new or used hot tub today!

Our local technicians are with you for the life of your tub. We install, repair, and maintain hot tubs. Our enthusiastic team is passionate about jacuzzi tubs and can’t wait for you to experience the joys of home hot tub ownership! Call or contact us today!

Hot Tubs Gilbert

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