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How To Run a Hot Tub Economically


How Much Will My Energy Bill Increase with a New Hot Tub?

Are you looking into purchasing a hot tub for the backyard but you’re worried about the effect on your utility bill? Most modern hot tub manufacturers advertise that the cost to run a hot tub is about one dollar a day, up to an additional $50 a month when it comes to your utility bills. However, here are a few tips to help keep your utility bills at a manageable level with your new hot tub from Arizona Spa Technology!

Six Ways to Save Money Heating Your Hot Tub

The following are ways to help mitigate the increase in energy usage that comes along with owning a new hot tub.

1. Invest in a High-Quality Hot Tub Cover

Most of the heat from your hut tub will escape by rising upwards. If you have a high-quality hot tub cover, it will thoroughly insulate the area where most of the heat escapes from. While good quality covers are an investment, they last many years and should recoup their cost in energy savings many times over by the end of its lifetime. If you’re looking for a new hot tub cover, you need to ensure that it fits properly. An improper fit can waste a lot of money in energy costs. Additionally, you need to pay attention to the insulation specifications of each cover and compare their efficiencies to pick the best cover for your hot tub.

2. Block the Prevailing Wind

The “prevailing wind” is a term used to refer to the direction that the wind blows in most frequently. If you don’t know which direction the prevailing wind comes from in your area, you can look it up. For example, in Gilbert, Arizona, the wind most often comes from the west for most of the year. Therefore, if you’re installing a new hot tub, you want to ensure that the western wind is blocked. Wind chill can significantly affect the amount of heat lost, so blocking the wind can lower your energy needs! Ideally, any barrier should be taller than the hot tub, but any barrier should help with wind chill and heat loss with your hot tub.

3. Keep the Filter Clean

For more advice for your new hot tub, call Arizona Spa Technology today!

For more advice for your new hot tub, call Arizona Spa Technology today!Another way to ensure that you’re using the least amount of energy possible with your hot tub is to keep the hot tub filter clean. Most manufacturers recommend cleaning the hot tub filter every three months or so. It’s also important to ensure that you replace the filter annually (or according to manufacturer guidelines). A dirty filter uses more energy than a clean filter because the pump has to work harder to draw water through a clogged filter. Keep up with your filter to keep your energy costs low while you operate your new hot tub from Arizona Spa Technology!

4. Lower the Temperature

Sometimes lowering the temperature on your hot tub thermostat by just a half degree can add up to lucrative energy savings over time. You may not even notice the difference! However, make sure that you keep your temperature at a consistent setting. Just like a home thermostat, if you change up the thermostat too often, you end up using more energy than if you’d let it stay at a single consistent temperature.

5. Turn Off the Hot Tub While on Vacation

While we recommend keeping your hot tub running at a consistent temperature, if you’re going to be gone from your home for more than a week, you’ll save more money if you turn the hot tub off while you’re gone. However, depending on the thermal efficiency of your hot tub, it may not be worth turning the hot tub off unless you’re going to be gone for more than ten days. If you’re unsure whether you should turn your hot tub off while you’re on vacation, you can certainly ask one of our experienced team members their advice here at Arizona Spa Technology.

6. Drain and Refill Only When You Have To

Another way to keep operating expenses down is to ensure that you only drain and refill your hot tub when it’s absolutely necessary. Most manufacturers recommend that you drain and refill your hot tub every three months, depending on the filtration system’s efficiency. One way to tell if you need to refill your hot tub is to use a TDS test strip. TDS stands for total dissolved solids (or the amount of dirt and debris in your water). Once the TDS level reaches or exceeds 1500 parts per million, it’s time to drain and refill the hot tub. Draining and refilling the hot tub costs a lot when it comes to energy usage, but by only refilling it when you need to, you can save unnecessary expenses when you get your utility bill!

How Can Arizona Spa Technology Help You?

If you’re thinking of buying a new hot tub for your home in Gilbert, Arizona, but you’re worried about the potential energy costs, it’s time for you to call us here at Arizona Spa Technology. We can help you pick the hot tub that’s right for you and your home, and we can give you tips on how to best operate your hot tub in order to minimize extra costs when it comes to your utility bills. Our experienced staff has decades of combined experience in the spa industry, and we can answer any question you may have about our products. Call today to get started!