Inground™ Spas

Inground Spa in Phoenix from Cal Spa by Arizona Spa Technology
Cal Spa Inground Spa in Phoenix

Inground Spa in Phoenix from Cal Spa
InGround Spa in Phoenix

Enjoy easy access and a low profile with your new Inground Spa!

Spas aren’t always accessible, and many homeowners don’t want a raised spa. That all changes with the In-Ground Spa series from Cal Spa in Phoenix. As your official Cal Spa dealer, we have the latest in-ground models from the industries leading manufacturer. What makes a Cal-spa different? They use trademarked technology for better construction, faster heating, and more reliable filtration systems. Every aspect of a Cal is designed to the highest standards. You aren’t just investing in your comfort and health, you’re investing in a better future. Don’t cut corners. Start with the best and choose a new In-Ground Spa today.

The spa you want with the low-profile you need.

You want a beautiful spa that seamlessly integrates with your surroundings. That’s where an Inground Spa shines. With a 7 person capacity, there’s room for everyone to relax.
Spa Model Seats Jets Shape Spa Model Seats Jets Shape
Round IG-401 7 Up to 16 Round Octagon IG-402 7 Up to 16 Octagon
Square IG-403 7 Up to 26 Square Triangular IG-404 7 Customizable Triangle
Octagon XL IG-405 7 Customizable Octagon Kidney IG-406 7 16 Kidney
Round IGJ-401-16 7 16 Round Octagon IGJ-402-16 7 16 Octagon
Square IGJ-403-26 7 26 Square Triangular IGJ-404-16 7 16 Triangle
Octagon XL IGJ-405-26 7 26 Octagon Kidney IGJ-406-16 7 16 Kidney

Additional In-Ground Spa Features Include:

  • Customize your pump and filtration system
  • Choose the number of jets you want
  • Comfortable Altair Plus acrylic shell construction

  • 7 person occupancy provides the room you need
  • Choose the color and style you want!
  • A low profile and ample foot room