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Are you ready to relax in your brand new Veranda Spa?

As the only official Cal Patio Spa dealer in Phoenix, our selection is the best in the city. Our Patio spas are perfect for relaxing with friends and family. Best of all? Our models hold anywhere from 2 to 6 people and come with premium features. They are made to last and a perfect addition for any backyard enthusiast. We have a wide range of available models.

Spa Model Seats Jets Shape Spa Model Seats Jets Shape
Round PZ-511R 6 11 Round Balboa PZ-517L 3 17 Rectangle
Vista PZ-617T 2 17 Pentagonal Kona PZ-525L 3 25 Rectangle
VHawaiian PZ-621L 5 21 Rectangle Pacifica PZ-722L 6 22 Square
Tropical PZ-722B 6 22 Square Atlantic PZ-822L 6 22 Square
Bel Air PZ-822B 6 22 Square Balboa PPZ-525L 3 25 Rectangle
Vista PPZ-628T 2 28 Pentagonal Kona PPZ-537L 3 37 Rectangle
Hawaiian PPZ-631L 5 31 Rectangle Pacifica PPZ-732L 6 32 square
Tropical PPZ-732B 6 32 Square Atlantic Plus PPZ-832L 6 32 Square
Bel Air Plus PPZ-832B 6 32 Square

Additional Veranda Spa Features Include:

  • Bioclean filters keep your spa sparkling clean
  • Gorgeous colors are paired with long lasting fibersteel bodies
  • Insulation reduces heat loss and strain on the heater

  • Titanium technology makes heating fast and strong
  • Optional waterfall and LED packages get the party going
  • Add a sanitaztion system for an easy clean germ free spa