Platinum™ Spas

Platinum Spa from Cal Spa in Phoenix by Arizona Spa Technology

Platinum Spa in Phoenix from Cal Spa

Take your spa experience to the next level with a new Platinum Spa

We are your official Cal Platinum Spa dealer in Phoenix. When nothing but the best will do, you have to go Platinum. This line is the best of the best. Spas come in multi-pump configurations and have the most powerful in-built cleaning and sanitization systems. Whether you’re planning on inviting friends over or just enjoying your spa independently, we’ve got a model that’s perfectly suited for you. See what everyone is talking about. Your ideal spa experience is closer than you think.

Hydrotherapy starts with the spa you choose. Start with the best. Choose Platinum.

Our Platinum Spas relieve muscle pain, stiffness, and melt your stress away using a variable jet system. Powered by the latest pump technology, our jets target major muscle groups to provide true therapy.
Spa Model Seats Jets Shape Spa Model Seats Jets Shape
Huntington PL-772L 6 72 Square Balboa PZ-517L 6 Customizable Square
Laguna PL-773B 6 73 Square Laguna PPL7B 6 Customizable Square
LaJolla PL-874L 6 73 Square La Jolla PPL8L 6 Customizable Square
Carmel PL-873B 6 73 Square Carmel PPL8B 6 Customizable Square
Huntington PL-792L 6 92 Square Laguna PL-793B 6 93 Square
LaJolla PL-894L 6 94 Square Carmel PL-893B 6 93 Square

Additional Platinum Spa Features Include:

  • Cal’s specialized Adjustable Therapy System for hydrotherapy
  • Variable pump configurations integrating up to 3 pumps
  • 24/7 circulation pumps guarantee hot water

  • Hybrid spa cleaning system with UV and CD Ozone cleaning
  • Always active 24/7 spa filtration systems
  • WhisperHot Heaters and Thermo-Shield insulation