Reconditioned Hot Tubs Phoenix AZ

Reconditioned Hot Tubs

Reconditioned Hot Tubs Phoenix
There’s no more reason to try and keep up with the Jones’ when you can acquire one of our luxurious reconditioned hot tubs in Phoenix, AZ. If you’ve been eyeing a hot tub, but have had reservations because of the price, there’s no better time to buy than now.

Our Phoenix, AZ reconditioned hot tubs must abide by the same strict standards that our new hot tubs go through. We inspect every single unit from top to bottom and inside to out. This is to make sure that we only bring you the highest quality, reconditioned hot tubs money can buy.

This is why Arizona Spa Technology should be your first stop when seeking lavish reconditioned hot tubs at a fraction of the price of a brand new unit.

Certified Reconditioned Hot Tubs

Reconditioned Hot Tubs Phoenix, AZ

A lot of companies will tell you they certify what they sell, but at Arizona Spa Tech We want you to know exactly what you’re getting from our certified reconditioned hot tubs. Performed by our experienced team of hot tub technician specialists, our certification process includes:

  • Full Inspection – Our hot tub specialists go over every inch of your future reconditioned hot tub to ensure that it meets the high standards of our customers.
  • Water Tested – We water test all our reconditioned hot tubs so you can be confident that your purchase is leak free and water tight.
  • Plumbing Tested – All the plumbing undergoes strict testing to make sure the internal systems that keep your tub going are in top condition.
  • Pump Inspection – Tub Pumps are carefully inspected so when your reconditioned hot tub is installed it will function as though it were brand new.
  • Pump Motor Inspection – Pump Motors are thoroughly checked for any electrical or structural defects.

When you want to choose from a selection of the best reconditioned hot tubs in Phoenix, AZ, Visit Arizona Spa Tech.

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