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Self-Care Tips For the Holidays: How To Make Your Home a Retreat


The Holidays Are Coming: How to Relax

Autumn is a relaxing season for some, but others are busy preparing their homes for impending visits from far-traveling relatives and friends. Between work, school, family, friends, and other errands and chores, it’s hard to know when and how to relax. Whether stress relief comes from the hot tub in the backyard or it’s easier to relax in the bedroom with a candle, we’ve put together this list of how to find time to relax and prioritize self-care in what is usually the busiest time of year.

Self-Care Tips: At-Home Stress Relief

Taking care of oneself is more complicated than it seems. Sometimes family demands leave little time for luxurious alone time, and many people don’t have the budget to take themselves on a rejuvenating trip. Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of things to do at home that feel luxurious but cost little to nothing. Here are a few ideas:

Take a Sip and Snuggle Up

Holding a warm beverage, wearing comfortable clothes, and getting underneath a favorite blanket is a great way to take advantage of some alone-time. Make some tea, hot cocoa, or coffee and snuggle up!

Try Guided Meditation

Lighting a candle and practicing meditation is a great way to practice self-care and relieve stress.

Mindfulness and meditation are useful for people who are unable to clear their minds in moments of relaxation. Mindfulness is the practice of putting on metaphorical blinders so that whatever needs focus at the moment gets it. For people unfamiliar with meditation and mindfulness, applications like Calm provide users with guided meditations and breathing exercises. There is a free version of Calm, but other meditation guides can be found on YouTube. Light a candle, try it out, and have a few stress-free moments at home for free!

Take a Long Bath or Shower

Taking a long bath or shower can be a simple way to reduce stress and have some alone time. Consider purchasing a special soap only for use during these times. Additionally, bath bombs from retailers such as Lush can be a fun way to make a bath feel special. Light a candle or two and put on an album. Next: relax!

Read a Book

For many people, reading a book takes so much focus that it’s an easy way to relax and get other, more stressful things off of the mind. Pick up an old favorite off of that bookshelf or explore the local library’s online database to find a riveting read. If focusing on a novel is too much, consider purchasing a magazine to read. Celebrity magazines and food magazines are usually a bit more relaxing than the current event or news magazines but choose whatever seems best at the moment.

Get Up a Little Earlier

This tip may seem counterintuitive to some. What’s more relaxing than sleeping? However, getting up just ten minutes earlier and spending some quiet time alone before the busy workday can have a significant effect on stress levels.

Take a Break from Social Media

It’s surely no surprise that social media contributes to stress. Whether the pressure is from continually comparing oneself to one’s friends or the constant bombardment of news from all over the world, taking a break from social media accounts can majorly contribute to decreased anxiety. Consider disabling accounts or apps for a few days a week.

Find a New Hobby and Find Your Flow

Ever heard of the term “flow?” If not, it’s similar to the words “in the zone.” Finding a flow means finding an activity that allows one to be “fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process.” By finding a flow or being in the zone, one can entirely focus on an activity and lose one’s sense of time and place. Some people find their flow while participating in activities such as knitting or carpentry. Something as simple as a new Lego set may help people focus and take their minds off of whatever stresses they may have.

Take Up Journaling

Some people let go of thoughts better if they physically write them down. Consider sitting down for a few minutes at the end of each day and writing whatever comes to mind. Sometimes just putting something on paper makes it much easier to let go.

Say No

Of course, everyone wants to please their loved ones. However, saying yes to everything that anyone asks of you is taxing. Taking time for oneself and saying no to little things that eat up time and energy can do a lot for anxiety relief.

Waste Some Time

Sometimes, the best way to combat anxiety and stress is to spend time doing absolutely nothing. That’s right. No work. No hobbies. Instead, binge-watch YouTube videos or take a nap. Sit in a coffee shop nearby and watch people walk by. Spend time focusing on and being present in the moment. It’s amazing what slowing down a little can do for stress and anxiety.

Move Around

It’s not easy to make time for exercise. Between working a full-time job, taking care of children, being a useful and productive community member, going to the gym may not make the priority list. Going on a brisk walk around the neighborhood can help release tension that the body holds on to.

Examine Your Posture

Hunched-over postures can contribute to the body holding excess tension. Take care to sit up straight and pull the shoulders back. Deeper breaths and more confidence are both benefits to good posture.

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