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Whether summer or winter, dealing with spa repair problems can make you question the value of your hot tub. And the last thing the residents of Gilbert want is having to sacrifice something that provides critical therapeutic benefits

Arizona Spa Technology is the leading spa repair company in the area, which means we can fix spa problems big and small. If you think your spa is compromised, give us a call to make sure the issue doesn’t worsen over time.

Pro-active Repairs for Your Spa Include:

Though we hope that our spas will survive for years with just basic maintenance, knowing a bit about typical repairs that your spa might need is helpful when trying to understand how to prevent them.

Without Regular Spa Maintenance, These are Some Issues That Could Lead to Repair:


Clogged filters

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Why would a spa filter become clogged? Surprisingly, the buildup of oils and residue from our bodies can lead to blockages. You’ll notice it first when the control panel shows an error code such as “FLO”. If ignored for too long, a small buildup in the filter can lead to contaminated water, pump strain, and eventually, an inoperable pump.

Water chemistry maintenance

Hot tub owners know that testing the chemicals in the water is the number one way to maintain the health of a spa. Testing the water means that you’re checking for bacteria, algae, and mold. The hope is that you’ll detect none of these things, but in the case of a dirty spa, just apply the recommended sanitizing solution. For more alarming test results, it might be best to fully drain the tub, clean the surfaces, and replace the water.

Heater failure

Lack of hot water renders a “hot” tub useless. If cranking the temperature up to its max fails to make a noticeable difference, then there’s a good chance that the heating element has been corroded or tripped. Again, maintaining proper water chemistry is absolutely critical to avoiding these issues. But in any case, we are more than happy to answer your call and schedule a visit to repair or replace your spa’s heating element.

Broken water pumps

Hearing strange sounds coming from your spa? It inspires a sense of dread, doesn’t it? As spa owners ourselves, trust us, we understand! Humming or thumping noises usually indicate worn bearings or a cracked seal. Scheduling regular maintenance will help you stay ahead of the game and ensure that interior damage to your spa doesn’t leave you with a defunct hot tub!

Leaks and jets with low pressure

As much as it becomes an onerous chore, checking PH levels in your spa can prevent costly repairs. Improper PH balance causes silicone corrosion and line leaks, which in turn deprive the jets of pressure. That means no bubbles or relaxing massage! It kind of defeats the purpose of a home spa in Gilbert, doesn’t it? Keep your spa healthy and maintained so it can keep you healthy and maintained!

We also provide hot tubs in Buckeye, Surprise, San Tan Valley, and Phoenix!

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