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Cal Spa Swim Spa in Phoenix

Swim Spa from Cal Spa in Phoenix by Arizona Spa Technology

In-home swimming can be yours with the latest Swim Spas from Cal Spa

As your official Cal Swim Spa dealer in Phoenix, we carry the top-of-the-line stationary swimming models you’ve been looking for. What’s better than swimming at home without the need for a full-size pool? It’s relaxing in the same spa afterward. Our swim spas are dual purpose. It’s like having two spas in one. Powerful jets provide scientifically engineered resistance that keeps you firmly in place while you swim. Our entire Swim Spa selection also function as independent spas. Whether you want to relax after a swim or invite friends or family in for a soak and cocktail, our selection has you covered.

Swimming and Spa in one package? No, you aren't dreaming.

You don’t need to have a full size pool to enjoy your favorite exercise. Our two-in-one Swim Spas are ideal for any home.
Spa Model Seats Jets Shape Spa Model Seats Jets Shape
Fitness F-1222 6 22 Rectangle Swim Pro F-1325 6 25 Rectangle
Freestyle F-1420 6 20 Rectangle Freestyle F-1437 6 37 Rectangle
Champion F-1641 6 41 Rectangle Olympian F-1781 3 – 7 31 – 28 Rectangle
Commander F-1681 12 81 Rectangle

Additional Swim Spa Features Include:

  • Our Eliminator High-Performance¬†Pumps can handle anything
  • WhisperHot Heaters warm your spa for relaxation or swim
  • Hybrid sanitization ensures a healthy swim

  • Multi-colored LEDs let you set the mood
  • Unique FiberSteel construction is strong and light
  • An Olympian combines a mini-spa and swim spa in one!