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Let Beau Speak For Us!

I have waited a long time to get my Cal Spa Hot Tub. This company was recommended to me by the Cal Spa Corporation themselves. I was advised of its family business characteristic & its long positive history. All promises & expectations were met. The steps taken by this company & its employees were professional and expedited. My sales representative Dawn, was very respectful and knowledgable about the product I wanted to purchase. She went out of her way to get me the price I was budgeted for. Follow up from staff was immediate. Andrew and his delivery staff were very helpful and did a wonderful job with installation and placement. They reviewed the operation and upkeep of the Spa with me immediately allowing for an immediate transmission as a new Spa owner. Ruben was the name given to me by the Cal Spa staff and every expectation was met with perfection. His promise to take care of my situation was kept, and he obviously values the customer before the dollar. I would like to thank Ruben and his staff for all they have done for me. Thank You